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Thousands of lawsuits have recently been fulfilled pertaining to the complications from hernia mesh patches. In 2016, Ethicon pulled Physiomesh off the market due to higher rates of surgery complications. Atrium C-QUR Mesh has also been linked to serious injuries.

Product defects are usually the result of rushing a product to market without careful product design as well as testing the way it will be used and the individual component parts that go into the product. Our Birmingham defective medical device attorneys have extensive experience investigating defective medical devices and taking cases to court.

Manufacturers Currently Being Investigated:

  • Atrium C-Qur
  • Ethicon Physiomesh
  • 3DMax Hernia Mesh
  • Sepramesh
  • Transvaginal Mesh & Bladder Sling Lawsuits

What is a Hernia?

Hernias occur when an organ, intestines, or fatty tissue squeezes through a hole or weak spot in a muscle. Anything that increases abdominal pressure can cause a hernia, including obesity, weight-lifting, constipation, or pregnancy.

Types of Hernias

  • Inguinal: inner groin
  • Femoral: upper thigh or outer groin
  • Incisional: surgical incision or scar in the abdomen
  • Ventral: abdominal wall
  • Umbilical: belly button
  • Hiatal: inside the abdomen on the diaphragm

Hernia Mesh Patches & Plugs

Hernias have a high risk of re-opening (called “recurrence“). To reduce this risk, most surgeons stitch in a mesh patch or plug to help reinforce muscles and connective tissues. They can be synthetic or non-synthetic, permanent or absorbable. Some patches work better than others. For example, Physiomesh was withdrawn from the market due to higher rates of recurrence.

Hernia Mesh Complications

  • Chronic pain
  • Infections or abscesses
  • Hernia recurrence
  • Scar-like tissue that sticks tissues together (adhesion)
  • Blockage of the large or small intestine
  • Organ perforation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Rejection
  • Foreign body reaction
  • Mesh migration or erosion
  • Mesh shrinkage (contraction)
  • Needing another surgery

You may be entitled to what are called “damages”, which is just a legal term for money awarded in individual lawsuits, settlements and class action lawsuits.

Because Physiomesh® and other mesh patches have such a high-rate of hernia recurrence, revision surgery and other complications, patients often find themselves burdened with substantial medical expenses, lost wages, decreased quality of life from all the emotional strain, and more. We are offering a free legal consultation and case evaluation to patients who believe they may be affected. If you’d like to learn more and speak with a Birmingham personal injury lawyer free of charge, this is your opportunity to discover the help that is available to you.

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