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Exactech Knee and Ankle Replacement

DeGaris Law is currently investigating claims involving Exactech knee polyethylene liners which led to the need for revision surgery. A faulty oxygen seal in its packaging may have caused oxidation of the medical device’s polyethylene insert.

Explanation of the Recall

As shown in this diagram, a standard knee replacement has four parts:


1. The femoral component
2. The tibial tray
3. The patellar component
4. The tibial polyethylene plastic insert

As a result of increasing consumer complaints, the components underwent investigation. What was found, was one of the packaging layers for the plastic joint inserts may leak oxygen into the insert. This causes oxygen to diffuse into the plastic tibial insert prior to it being implanted in a patient’s knee. When a large amount of oxygen diffuses into the plastic insert before it is implanted, it leads to oxidation, which causes the plastic to wear out.

Which Devices Were Recalled?

In August 2021, Exactech began selectively recalling devices that were in hospitals’ inventory for use in upcoming knee and ankle replacements. In 2022, a major recall was announced of all knee and ankle arthroplasty polyethylene inserts. The recalled inserts were manufactured between 2004-2022 and have been used in approximately 150,000 knee and ankle replacement surgeries. The insert systems that are covered by the recall include:

  • OPTETRAK®, released in 1994
  • OPTETRAK Logic®, released in 2009
  • TRULIANT®, released in 2017
  • VANTAGE®, released in 2016

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