“Almost a year ago I was in a work place accident that turned my life upside down. Hiring DeGaris Law to represent me was the best decision I could have possibly made. They helped me feel confident during a period of time where there was a lot of uncertainty, and were always prompt in responding to questions or offer reassurances. I highly recommend this firm; they will take care of you.”


“I hired Alexandra to help me with a car accident. She did that and more. She resolved my case favorably and kept me informed every step of the way. For such a young lawyer, she sure does know her stuff! I never felt like just a $ to her. She treated me like family every step of the way. Even after my case had concluded, she drove six hours on a Sunday just to check on me and bring me a document. She is such a special person and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a determined and caring lawyer who will fight for you with everything she’s got.”


“First and foremost, I would like to thank Attorney Annesley DeGaris and his wonderful staff for their service of excellence. I highly recommend this Law Firm to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney, he is a great man.l have been working with him and his team for about 1 year and he and his secretary Ms. Janet are two of the sweetest people you ever want to meet. They work hard to get me the settlement I got and l really appreciate them. I truly recommend DeGaris Law Firm.”


“In difficult times, this is the attorney you want. Knowledgeable and caring. She helped my elderly mother with a case and has become a family friend. Even after concluding the case favorably for my mom, she remained in touch with her during a time when I lived in another state. Since I moved home, Alexandra has expressed a truly endearing interest in my mother’s wellbeing and continued to help us after my mom’s case resolved. She has traveled to bring us paperwork and remains in contact with us. Alexandra has given us peace of mind about all things legal because we can trust her. If you need an attorney you can trust, she’s the one. Thank you, Alexandra, for all you have done and continue to do.”


“Alexandra is a very caring lawyer. I feel comfortable talking to her and I know I can contact her whenever I need to when I have a question or am concerned about something. She is very knowledgeable and makes me feel confident that I am well taken care of where my legal matters are concerned. She is the attorney that everyone would want in their corner. I know she’s in mine.”


“Reached out and got immediate response. Not only was it a response it was very reassuring and promising he was very personal and caring and patient and didn’t speak fast. I don’t personally like whenever a lawyer speaks fast and in lawyer language. He was able to get straight to the point and I admire that about him and our conversation. I’m excited for what the future holds but as of today. I highly recommend this law office. This isn’t my first rodeo.”


“Annesley DeGaris is part of our family now. He helped us with one of the most horrific accidents. It changed my moms life and my families life forever. I don’t know what I would have done without his kindness and expertise. He always picked up his phone for any of our questions and will be our attorney for life. He held our hand through the entire process and will always be a part of our family. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for us. Thank you Annesley.”


“Hi to all the victims out there that have been crippled by a semi-truck. My attorney Annesley DeGaris was the most hands on attorney that I call family now. He lifted me up and tackled every problem that popped up. He made sure that no one took advantage of me, you see I was in the hospital for along time. He personally took the pictures of the accident and talked w doctors to make sure I was getting the best possible treatment. He was there at every turn, I’m here today because of his compassion and remarkable kindness. I just want everyone to know how great he is and my family and I love him, he is our attorney for life. Thank you for reading my review.”


“Mr. Degaris. He is an excellent lawyer. He helped me with my mother’s death case and also insurance case he did an impeccable job, making sure that all claims were paid in a timely fashion. The entire staff worked hours and days on my case, making sure that every stone was turned, I would highly recommend Mr. Degaris law or any of your civil suits. My score of five stars is because Mr. Degaris made it happen. We worked on my case for three years, and every thing I could have Gotten from the case he made it happen. Choose the Degaris law it’s definitely the right choice.”


“Where do I start? Annesley DeGaris is first a wonderful human being. He’s very approachable and just a very caring person. From the very beginning, he was compassionate and a very good listener. I had lost my husband through wrongful death, as a result of the hospital using a recalled defective piece of equipment, which infected him with a deadly bacteria. Annesley assured me he would work very hard to get justice for my husband, whose life was cut short through irresponsible behavior. He shared his personal cell phone number and told me to get in touch with him anytime, day or night, if I had a concern or question. I never felt rushed talking with him. He made me feel like our case was his top priority and I believe it was. He helped me with EVERYTHING that popped up, that I had no idea what to do or how to respond. He took care of it. He made sure that the burden was not on me, but that the responsibility was on him. We have been working together since July 2020. Losing my husband the way I did was unnecessary and tragic but Annesley was a constant support emotionally, and reassured me that everything was going to be OK. He fought for a settlement that was the largest granted from the hospital and the manufacturer. He made this case his personal mission to get justice for my husband, my sons, and myself. He will be a life-long friend and advisor for me. I’m so happy and grateful to have been blessed to be his client. If a 10 star rating was possible, that is what I would give him!”


“Hands down the best lawyer ever. He was so patient with me. He handled everything for me in a timely manner. He went above and beyond. If you need a lawyer he is your guy!!!!!”


“Amazing law firm. They do a very thorough review of your case. Easy to work with. I highly recommend them!”


“Thank you again DeGaris Law for your amazing (FREE) advice. It is greatly appreciated. Continue to be a blessing to others. Highly recommend.”