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Birmingham Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

Have you or a family member lived through pain, hardship, or a wrongful death due to a defective medical device? If so, you may be entitled to compensation through a Birmingham defective medical devices lawyer.

DeGaris Law is a tenured and award-winning law firm fighting against manufacturers of defective medical devices for over thirty years. Our team at DeGaris believes the failure of the medical devices our loved ones need to survive and be healthy is unjust, especially if victims are already experiencing a life-threatening condition.

If life-altering medical technology has failed you or a loved one, call us at 205-575-8000 or book a free, no-obligation case review online today. A Birmingham injury lawyer will review all of the details of your case and give you our best assessment of your case’s details.

How a Birmingham Defective Medical Devices Lawyer Can Help You

Defective medical device cases in Birmingham can sometimes be challenging to build yourself. In many cases, the battle is your word against that of a large company with outsized legal teams or resources to mount their defense.

That’s why the team at DeGaris Law can help by

  • Helping victims understand statutes and the common causes impacting the case
  • Always seek the maximum compensation opportunities for each claim
  • Leveraging past experiences in winning cases to beat the negligent companies responsible for these defective medical devices.

What to Know: Defective Medical Device Law

Defective medical device cases fall under the form of law known as product liability found under Ala Code § 6-5-521, meaning any action brought by a natural person for personal injury, death, or property damage caused by the manufacture, construction, design, formula, etc.

These failed defective medical devices could cause any number of injuries to victims. A few of the most common failures we’ve seen at DeGaris Law include:

How Do I Prove Liability?

Defective Medical Devices are generally associated with strict liability, which holds the third party liable for producing the device, regardless of their intent or knowledge.

Third parties can be held liable for any of the following categories:

  • Incorrect or insufficient manufacturing: the medical device was built incorrectly using parts that could cause harm.
  • A design defect causes injury: the company responsible for the device’s invention and user experience fails to prioritize consumer safety from the beginning.
  • Failure to notify consumers with a warning: the party fails to disclose the known health risk of the device to the patient.

When Should I Start My Case?

Victims in Alabama have two years to file a product liability injury or death lawsuit and one year for any actions against the original seller, according to Ala. Code § 6-5-502.

To avoid claim dismissal, the time to act is now. Contact the Birmingham defective medical devices lawyers at DeGaris Law to fight for you. In the event a death occurs due to medical device complications, our Birmingham wrongful death lawyers can help navigate your case for fair compensation.

DeGaris Law Helps Recover Damages In Birmingham Defective Medical Devices Cases

When you partner with DeGaris Law, we will hold negligent and sometimes predatory companies accountable to you and your loved ones. We will work diligently to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Call DeGaris Law at 1-205-575-8000, or book a free case review by one of Birmingham’s most accomplished firms online today.

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