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Tuscaloosa Personal Injury Lawyer

Even minor accidents can cause substantial injuries and lead to costly medical expenses and lost wages. Major accidents can result in death and life-altering injuries, such as permanent disability and loss of ability to earn an income.

If another person is responsible for your injuries and losses, they can be held liable and you can recover damages. It is essential to seek legal advice and guidance from an experienced and skilled Alabama personal injury attorney.

Call DeGaris Law to schedule a consultation with one of our Alabama personal injury lawyers who can help protect your rights to receive full compensation for your damages. We can help you get your life back on track and guide you every step of the way.

How Do I Know If I Have A Good Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases generally require that you prove negligence by another party. There are four essential elements to proving negligence in a personal injury case. They require proving that:

  1. The defendant owed you a duty.
  2. The defendant breached that duty.
  3. You suffered injuries or damages.
  4. Your damages and injuries were caused by the defendant’s breach of duty.

When someone suffers harm as the result of a person’s negligence, the negligent person can be held liable for the victim’s losses. There are numerous examples of negligence causing damages. Doctors have a responsibility to follow certain standards of reasonable care when dealing with their patients. If they breach that standard of care, they may be negligent. Drivers owe a duty of care to others on the road to operate their vehicles in a safe and reasonable manner. When they breach that duty and it causes harm to another person, they can be liable for those damages.

Additionally, some personal injury cases involve strict liability rather than negligence. For example, if your dog bites another person while on your property, you may have strict liability, meaning the victim does not need to prove that you were negligent for you to be liable for their injuries.

It is important to consult with an experienced Tuscaloosa accident attorney to determine whether you have a valid personal injury case. Call us at the DeGaris Law today to schedule a consultation and case evaluation to understand your options.

When Should I Seek Legal Help?

Accidents can happen anywhere and they can change your life in an instant. Compensation for your damages can not fully make up for the pain, suffering, and loss of life that result from many accidents. However, being compensated for your damages can help pay medical expenses and lost wages from missing work, and it can sometimes help with the physical and emotional pain you or your loved one may endure.

It is important that you seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. A reputable personal injury attorney will only file suit on your behalf if someone else caused or contributed to your injuries. The attorneys at DeGaris Law will take immediate action to try and preserve important evidence in your case and will calculate and calendar important deadlines.

The statute of limitation for personal injury claims in Alabama is two years. That means you have two years from the date of the injury or accident to file a claim. But you should not wait to seek the guidance of an Alabama car accident lawyer. Your case may be won or lost due to the evidence preserved shortly after your accident. The longer you wait to seek the help of an attorney, the more difficult it may be to prove your case and be fully compensated.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Today

If you have been injured because of another person’s actions, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages. The sooner you seek the advice of a skilled personal injury attorney, the better off you will likely be.

Of course, you want to be compensated as quickly as possible. But it is also important to act quickly to protect your claims. It is much easier to prove negligence when the evidence is fresh. Contact DeGaris Law today to schedule a free case evaluation to protect your right to receive full compensation for your injuries.

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