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Tuscaloosa Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can change lives. You may find yourself injured, unable to work, juggling medical appointments, and drowning under financial obligations. You may even be facing long-term or permanent disability. While the insurance company adjusters will be trying to settle your case for as little as possible, you need an experienced car accident attorney to protect your rights and to help you put your life back together again.

The attorneys at DeGaris Law have more than thirty years of experience helping Tuscaloosa, Alabama car accident victims get the recovery they deserve. Our Tuscaloosa personal injury lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and protect your causes of action, so you can focus on getting healing. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your accident and your options.

How DeGaris Law Can Help You With a Car Accident Claim

When you hire DeGaris Law, we start working immediately to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. Some of the ways we help with your case include:

  • Providing a thorough and honest evaluation of your car accident claim.
  • Answering your questions and explaining your options.
  • Investigating the cause of your accident to determine who is at fault.
  • Develop a strategy to maximize your recovery.
  • Work with expert witnesses to prove your case.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies to try and reach a fair settlement.
  • Calculate and calendar all deadlines for filing suits and claims.
  • Properly calculate the value of your damages to ensure a fair settlement.
  • File suit if a fair settlement is not reached.

To better understand your options, call DeGaris Law today for a free initial consultation and case evaluation today.

Know What To Do After an Alabama Car Accident

To best protect yourself, be careful with what you say and do after a car accident. Some things you should do after a car accident include:

  • Report the accident to the police.
  • If you can do so safely, take photos and videos of the crash scene, vehicle damage, and your injuries.
  • Do not apologize or admit fault.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with other drivers.
  • Get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  • Seek medical attention after even a minor accident because injuries are not always immediately obvious.
  • Take notes about the accident, such as the weather conditions, road conditions, details about the other drivers, and anything that seems relevant.

As soon as possible, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney to help you navigate your next steps. DeGaris Law will help protect your legal rights to receive full compensation for all your damages. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Contact DeGaris Law Today for a Free Case Evaluation

Our attorneys have experience with all types of injuries and damages caused by car accidents. We know that a vehicle accident can have a significant impact on the lives of you and your loved ones. At DeGaris Law, we have the expertise and skills to deal with insurance companies and to protect your rights to receive full compensation for your damages.

We will make sure all your questions are answered and you know your options. The attorneys at DeGaris Law will help you get proper treatment and will work hard to recover damages for your losses, damages, pain, and suffering. When we take your case, you pay nothing until we successfully win or settle your case. Call us today to get your questions answered and to understand your options. We are ready to go to work for you.

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