What To Do After An Accident.

Here are 8 steps you should take if you are ever involved in an accident:

  1. CALL 911 TO REPORT THE ACCIDENT and any injuries, including your own, if you are able.
  2. HELP THE INJURED if you can.
  3. TAKE PICTURES of all cars and include skid marks, vehicle damage, road signs.
  4. MOVE YOUR CAR if the accident is a fender bender to avoid creating a traffic jam.
  5. NEVER ADMIT GUILT. Do not apologize to other drivers or law enforcement officers.
  6. SIGN THE TICKET if you get one. It is not an admission of guilt. And the law requires it.
  7. COLLECT INFORMATION from all drivers: name, license plate, insurance company.
  8. CALL DeGaris and Rogers Attorneys at Law at 205-236-9808


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