Alabama Defective Medical Device Attorney Reports on BARD IVC Filter Lawsuits

What is An IVC Filter?

The Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filter is a tiny device that resembles a small cage. The IVC is normally inserted into a person’s vein to catch blood clots and stop them from getting to the patient’s lungs. Side effects and complications have been appearing in the form of organ and vein perforations, lung damage, heart damage, and has resulted in internal bleeding. This is due to the defective products poor design which allows it to break up and move through the vein to other parts of the body.

IVC Filter Applications

Most patients that have a high risk of blood clots usually are prescribed blood thinners but some people can not take blood thinners. In these cases the IVC Filter is can be implanted in the patients veins to catch blood clots before they enter other organs. Once treatment is completed the IVC Filter can be removed from the patient.

How Does the IVC Filter Work?

The vena cava vein sends de-oxygenated blood back to the heart and lungs where oxygen is reintroduced into the blood. The IVC Filter is inserted into the vena cava vein from the neck or groin area of the body. When inserted the IVC Filter traps blood clots so they do not enter the patient’s heart or lungs. In some case these blood clots can cause severe damage or even death.

Once the doctor is done with treatment the IVC Filter should be carefully removed through the same insertion area.

FDA Reports Complications with IVC Filter Device

Over ten years ago the FDA had received almost 1,000 reports of complications due to:

  • Device Components Coming Lose
  • IVC Filter Movement
  • Device Breakage
  • Vein & Organ Perforation
  • Embolization

Almost 40% of the complications were due the IVC Filter breaking apart or moving. There is also a problem with embolization which involves the broken parts of the filter moving throughout the body and becoming lodged in a patients organs which causes internal bleeding and has led to the death.

In 2010 the FDA issued a safety warning which were later confirmed by Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). The study showed that less than 10% of the devices had been removed and that the remaining devices were left in patients unnecessarily.

Have You Suffered Complications With the IVC Filter?

The defective medical device attorneys at DeGaris & Rogers are warning people about the deadly side effects from the BARD retrievable IVC Filter and recommend that you contact them to discuss a possible lawsuit if you have been injured by the device. Don’t delay as time is running out to file a claim. You have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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If you or your loved one have been a victim of a defective product you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our Alabama Defective Medical Device Attorneys today for a Free Consultation regarding your legal rights.

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